The first Tropicana Fest was amazing! The next one is planned for the 10th, 11th and 12th of September 2021!


Reserve (Order) your free tickets here and pay what you want when you are at the festival

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Art meets music, and music meets art at the Tropicana Fest. A great festival in Rotterdam. This festival will be held in a unique and awe-inspiring location: the former Tropicana swimming pool.

12 September: ‘art meets music’ (3 timeslots). Art installations selected by Stichting Pottage, combined with a musical performance from a Rotterdam act and house music of DJ Sifu Wu. Within the given timeslot, you can come and go as you like. Get a drink at the bar while you enjoy the art, music and the Tropicana dome.

13 September: ‘music meets art’ (2 timeslots). Two concerts by the Rotterdam pop artist Guus Bok, before an amazing arty backdrop. These two concerts have a specific starting time. Door open an half hour before. You will be placed based on the amount of people on your reservation. You can get a drink before and after the concert.

The festival is organized in a corona-proof way. And off course you can get a delicious drink at the bar!

Pay what you want

Reserve your ticket online and decide how much you want to pay once you enter the festival. Show us how much you appreciate the experience while helping us keep the festival open for all art and music lovers!

To pay, simply scan the “scan me” code and enter the amount you want to pay. You can find the “scan me” codes at the entrance and near the main stage. You can also pay in cash.

We appreciate your support and contributions that will help us bring the festival back in the years to follow.

Adrianus Kundert
Guus Bok
Cindy Bakker
Eva Krause
Fer & Zol
Milica Jouicevic
Laura Schurink
Levi Silvanie
Luis Xertu
Stefan Gross
Vladimir Radjakov
Douwe Halbertsma


The Tropicana Fest is organized by Guus Bok, in cooperation with Stichting Pottage and BlueCity.

Guus Bok is a Rotterdam pop artist, known for the song ‘Rotterdam Leeft In Mij’, the RET commercial, and FoxSportsNL.

Stichting Pottage's mission is to create an experience-driven platform that will foster collaboration of  those who pursue creativity and use imagination to materialize beyond the ordinary.

BlueCity is a place for circular companies, where they work towards a society where waste does not exist.


The Tropicana Fest will be organized in a corona-proof way. We will advise our audience to keep 1.5 meter distance and not to come to the festival if they have symptoms.

The Tropicana Fest facilitates the following measures:

  1. You can clean your hands upon entering the building
  2. The audience, organization and artists keep 1.5 meter distance (households excluded)
  3. In order to obtain a ticket, the audience must place a reservation up front, so that the names and email addresses are kept on record
  4. There is a maximum of 100 festival visitors allowance, excluding personnel personal and artists
  5. The Tropicana dome will be opened on the top, and doors on the side will be opened as well, facilitating airflow and air ventilation
  6. Please stay at home if you have any of the Corona symptoms
  7. The organization will remind people to make sure to conform to these Corona safety measures
  8. A gift can be given by the audience using Scan Me posters, that people can scan with their own phone without contact

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